How To Build A Resilient Sales Identity

By Jeff Riseley, Founder of Sales Health Alliance

There is a lot of bad advice going around these days like:

“You shouldn’t attach your identity to your work if you want to be happy.”

Often these types of comments strike the perfect chord with people who are experiencing burnout. It helps them feel heard, seen, and understood, while simultaneously pointing the finger back at work.

When you’ve been carrying the burden of unrelenting work deadlines, the relief you feel from someone telling you it’s okay to take a break and not care so much can be intoxicating.

“I’m stressed because of work. It’s work’s fault.”

While work is likely a major factor in fueling your burnout, work is something you’ll spend ~90,000 hours doing in your lifetime, which means trying to separate your identity from work may not always be the best approach.

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