You’re an account management pro, so you know every day should be about getting to know your customers.┬áBut if you’re running low on ideas to keep them talking, here are some tips:

  1. Use social media to get to know more about your customer. Encourage them to post on your page and follow, like and post on theirs. Share company pictures. Consider giveaways, polls and contests to keep the dialog going, and make sure you share the results.
  2. Host an event or open house. If you have a physical location, invite your customer for a tour and lunch. If everything you do is web-based, host a fun, interactive webinar and pay close attention to the questions so you can identify and address their pain points.
  3. Bring them with you to an appropriate conference. If your customer’s company crosses over into your industry or if you share a similar title, consider bringing them along to an industry event. For example, if your customer is responsible for selling your product to their end users, they too would benefit from SAMA’s Annual Conference next month.
  4. Reach out after closing a sale to see if they have any questions or need help with the purchase. This extra step after the sale shows you care about more than just the profit.
  5. Mine your website for valuable data. By integrating Google Analytics into your website, you can see which words and phrases are bringing your customers to your site and which content is useful to them.
  6. Use your blog. Feature a client of the month. Beyond sharing why they buy from you, interviewing them yourself can help nudge your relationship into friendlier territory.
  7. Integrate a customer satisfaction survey. An unbiased survey can be a valuable ally. It shows you care and their opinions matter to you.
  8. Take a look around their office. Ask about the grandkids in the pictures on their desk. You might discover a shared love for the sports team whose logo is on their coffee mug.
  9. Ask questions. “Who buys your product?” and, “Why would a company purchase from you?” These questions help you identify areas your product line might expand into or partnerships you might be able to foster with your customer.
  10. Send in your senior team. One of the best ways to get to know your customer is to meet them face-to-face. By having senior staff meet with clients to understand their issues, challenges, and requests, your organization as a whole will get a better idea of how to improve your processes and products or services.
  11. Make it personal. Take time to send thank-you notes and, for exceptional service or professionalism, don’t hesitate to give a recommendation on LinkedIn or share your experience with your customer’s supervisor. Everyone appreciates an acknowledgment of a job well done.


If you are serious about cultivating an attitude of openness from the customer’s procurement and business managers, then you should commit to attending SAMA’s 53rd Annual Conference for more strategies. You’ll take away best practices and fresh ideas specifically around the topic of strategic account management. Download the brochure and register today!




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